The After-Party Spa Clean…

It’s time to make your spa the focal point and throw a party! However, spa parties can result in a dirty spa… So – with a big clean up on the cards – what’s the most efficient way to tackle a filthy spa head on with some effective spa cleaning?

The Pre-Party

Foremost, it’s important to keep up regular maintenance – dropping the ball before a big party is a recipe for disaster. It’s worth applying a dose of Spa Purity  or Poolcare Spa Sparkle about 5 hours prior to your guests hopping in. This will help you maintain a stable sanitiser level, while improving water comfort.

Party Time Have fun!

If you’re enjoying yourself, your guests will too. Now isn’t the time to worry about spa cleaning.

The Aftermath

First of all, give your spa a proper safety check. Start by checking the filter for debris, and then check the shell, equipment and structure. Unfortunately, if broken glass has fallen in the spa you’ll need to drain and clean the spa entirely.

It’s Time to Sanitise and Oxidise

With so many extra bodies and contaminants entering the water, you’ll need to get cleaning. We recommend Spa Armour or Poolcare Spa Sparkle. They include sanitisers that work to destroy disease-causing bacteria in your water and oxidisers to burns away organic matter in the spa. Oxidisers use active oxygen to consume nonbacterial waste and convert it into harmless gases that are released into the atmosphere.  Just pour it directly in the spa and you’re good to go.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Clean Up

If your water is looking as cloudy as your post-party head feels, try using our Clarifier. They are designed to clarify cloudy spa water as a result of heavy use or neglect. They won’t affect pH and water balance as it combines small particles into larger ones so the filter can remove them.

The Finishing Touch

For that professional look, we recommend Squeaky Clean. It’s a heavy-duty alkaline surface cleaner that removes scale, hard water deposits, stains, grease and dirt from along the water line.

Find Equilibrium

Lastly, ensure your balances are in check. Aim for a chlorine residual of 2-4ppm, or a bromine residual of 4-6ppm. Your pH levels should be around 7.2 and Total Alkalinity should be between 80-150. If your spa is still a little worse for wear, visit Poolcare with a water sample for more advice.