Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Sale
Applies to all goods and services supplied

  1. Acceptance
    By placing an order or request for services, you accept these terms and conditions as part of the contract of sale.

  2. Prices
    Prices are fixed at the time of purchase and are subject to change without notice.
    The current prices of goods and services quoted include GST and freight unless otherwise stated.Any discount given is dependent on prompt payment and failure to meet this may result in loss of discount.

  3. Delivery & Insurance
    Goods are uninsured and are at purchaser’s risk during transit unless specified.Supply of goods and services for given dates are given in good faith but are not a condition of sale and maybe subject to

  4. Warranty
    All goods sold are subject to the warranties provided by the manufacturer of the goods. Poolcare does not provide any
    further warranty on goods and are not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from faulty
    goods.All services provided are undertaken in good faith. Poolcare cannot guarantee any outcomes of services provided unless
    previously stated or agreed to.

    Liability of any loss or damage directly caused by services provided is undertaken by our insurers, who will then act as
    our agents in any event.

  5. Return of Goods
    At our discretion faulty goods may be replaced or repaired, or a reasonable allowance made towards the replacement
    cost.Goods must be returned within 14 days or within the warranty period with the receipt and the fault must be identified.

    A reasonable time must be allowed for Poolcare to investigate the claim.

  6. Terms of Payment
    All payments are either cash or to agreed credit terms.
    Unless otherwise specified, Credit terms are 7 days from the supply of any goods and services provided an invoice has
    been received.The customer will pay default interest at the rate of 5% per calendar month until all outstanding monies have been paid
    in full. The customer shall pay Poolcare all costs & expenses incurred by Poolcare or their debt collection agency, in
    recovering money or in connection with the exercise or attempted exercise of any of its rights or remedies under this
    contract including commissions, legal costs & solicitor’s costs

  7. Ownership
    At all times the legal and beneficial ownership of goods remains with Poolcare until the customer has paid in full the invoiced price and any other payments due in respect of the sale of the goods.All 20 Litre containers are the sole property of Poolcare and failure to return them may result in additional charges.