Pump & Filter Repairs

We're expert pool technicians!

With 5 well-equipped 'mobile workshops' and a professionally trained team, we can diagnose and carry out most pump and filter repairs at your place.

We're specialists in the repair and maintenance of a wide range of pool filters, pool pumps and chemical dosing units and have a huge range of parts and components always in stock.

What we can do for you:

  • On-site trouble shooting and basic repair of most pumps and filters
  • Repairs to both mechanical and electrical pump components
  • Full pump overhauls if required (in our workshop)
  • Extensive in-store range of parts...no drawn-out waiting times!

Common problems we encounter:

  • Excessive water on pump shed floor (possible worn seals)
  • Loud/clanging motor noise (bearings, damaged rear fan)
  • Pump not priming (defective o-ring, cracked connectors)
  • Insect infestation (cockroaches, ant colonies living in pumps)

Regular Valet Service

Regular maintenance of your pump and filter is essential to extend the life of the machinery and to prevent more costly break-downs.

As part of a regular pool valet service, we'll not only keep your pool clean and crystal clear, we'll make sure your pump and filter are running efficiently too.

This includes backwashing the filter to achieve optimal water flow, applying lubricant to o-rings and seals to stop leaks, flushing out grit to keep filter operation smooth, changing filter sand as required (normally every 3-5 years) and more...

For expert advice, contact The Poolcare team today.