Poolcare Ultra is a full valet service to ensure your pool stays crystal clear and safe. You pay a fixed Valet service and in addition, are charged for any products and chemicals used.

POA for larger pools

What We Do
We leaf rake, empty the lint-pots and skimmer baskets
Backwash and vacuum and clean salt cells.
Check the running condition and satisfactory operation of your equipment.
We brush the pool-sides and introduce anti-algae solutions.
We will test your water using industry standard Taylors test kits.
Add the necessary chemicals from our van to keep your pool balanced and healthy.
Check your sanitizer stock levels and adjust as required until our next visit.
We will leave a detailed report outlining our onsite activities and test results and advise if any further action required.

What we use
We pride ourselves on the quality chemicals and equipment we use.

We assure you only the best chemicals are distributed from our vans for healthy clear water.