Keep the ducks out the pool

They might be cute and cuddly, but when it comes to pool maintenance – ducks are yuck. So, waddle be the best practice for not only getting them out of your pool, but deterring them completely?

BioGuard AlgiGuard

As a quat-based algaecide that lowers the surface tension to help repel ducks and insects, AlgiGuard is hugely effective. Like water off a duck’s back, they’ll land on the water and fly straight off. Plus, you’ll prevent algae growth, which if left untreated can be a real pain in the “duck!”

Pool Toys

They’re fun, the kids love them and, most importantly, ducks hate them. Ducks don’t want to go anywhere near predator-infested waters, so by using a few animal shaped pool toys, you’ll hopefully scare off a few of those feathered ducks.

Cover it up

Not only will it minimise evaporation and keep your pool clean, it’ll stop the ducks from getting in the water. It’s better that they poop on the cover than in the pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Because ducks are easily scared, having a pool cleaner moving underneath the water makes it less inviting. Even the sound of the vacuum will frighten them.

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