Get Your Pool Summer Ready

To make the most of your pool in summer, it’s essential that you keep your maintenance program on track. Regular treatment and maintenance will ensure your pool performs at its peak during the weeks of scorching hot weather.

If you are interested in receiving a personalised treatment plan, head into your Poolcare Ltd 54A Hewletts Road Mount Maunganui

Remove your Pool Cover

If you haven’t taken it off already, the arrival of summer means the time has come to take off your pool cover and let your pool breathe. Drain off any water that has collected on the cover, and do your best to ensure that this water does not go back into the pool – as contaminants in the water can wreak havoc with your pool balance and algae growth. Give the pool cover a good clean so you don’t keep introducing algae into you pool and store it away out of the sun when not in use, this will extend its longevity.

Check the Water Level

If your water level is low, give your pool a generous drink. Ensure the level is at the middle of the skimmer opening to allow for proper circulation.

Get your Water Tested

Once you’ve topped up your water levels, leave the pool water to circulate for 24-48 hours. Fill a water sample bottle (with water collected at elbow depth), and visit Poolcare for a personalised water test.

Check the Pump, Filter, and Skimmer Basket

Give your hardworking pool equipment a once-over and make sure everything is in good working order. If you come across damage or something that doesn’t look right, take a photo of it and head to Poolcare for advice.  We recommend using BioGuard Filter Brite™ to clean and sanitise your filter. It restores your filter’s efficiency by removing scale and rust deposits, greases, oils, and organic wastes. It will also extend the life of your filter and media!

Test pH and Sanitiser Levels

If you’d prefer to undertake the water testing yourself, we recommend using good quality Test kit or Test strips.  Healthy pool water sits at a free chlorine level of 2-4ppm and a pH of 7.2-7.6.

Following our simple maintenance program during summer will ensure your pool water is healthy and sparkling over the warmer months.

If you want to have a chat about this in person we are here to help.